Career opportunities for a Chartered Accountant

In the era of cut-throat competition prevailing in approximately every field, commerce is the field that supplies infinite opportunities. The particular fact to keep in mind is that we need to go for the best. If we mention the best, CA is the foremost profession that comes into our minds because of the numerous opportunities available for a qualified CA.

There is a misconception within the minds of the people that CA has few and monotonous job areas where they can work. Let's try to clear this misconception by highlighting the most famous jobs.

Taking job (CA Industry/corporate)

  • Taking a job is the most hunted option by the CA students or we can take up the CA community as a whole because one gets financial security and a wonderful corporate environment to work in. This field is getting more and more attractive due to the MNCs, BIG4s, and also the corporates offering better packages because of the increasing scope in this field during which one can work.

Investment Banker

  • Nowadays, this is often the foremost preferable choice to enter to work in forex, derivative, managing portfolio, etc. So after becoming CA, one can join it and choose a foreign bank for more exposure.

Practicing as a Chartered Accountant

  • Practicing is the most popular career path taken by the CA. This field has recently become more attractive because of various economic changes like GST, IND AS, Companies Act, Insolvency and bankruptcy code, etc happening within the country and around the globe. This field requires few things like diligence, dedication, patience, etc.

Finance Profiles

  • CA's can take up roles of financial controllers, accounts managers, credit managers, etc in companies, banks, financial institutions, mutual funds, etc. They often become Chief Finance Officers at a later stage.

Auditing and Tax Advisor

  • The commonly available jobs for CA are Auditors. Auditing includes statutory audits, internal audits, tax audits, IT, any variety of audits.  One can become an advisor and help in the tax planning and managing appeals of various clients in taxation, GST, and customs.

Management Consultancy Services

  • Consultancy Services is one of the options for CAs. They provide services like project financing, valuation, start-up business, merger, & acquisition to numerous persons and entities.

Become an Entrepreneur

  • With sensible knowledge in commerce, one can become an entrepreneur by engaging in developing ideas into business with creative and analytical minds.

Teaching / Education industry

  • With the ever-increasing students and population, one profession which can never see a recession is teaching, and with the new digital and online platforms available, it is a literal heaven for those desiring to become teachers and has provided an easy and affordable platform to point out one's talent.

Outsourcing / Freelancing

  • This is the fastest developing field for a CA. The outsourcing market is now huge in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India too. One can work easily and with no requirement such as any huge investment or capital, only dedication and hard work are needed.

Higher Studies that gives you a global career.

  • Some opt to pursue higher studies after becoming CA because learning never stops and, one can choose courses like CFA, CPA, ACCA, etc. Also, ICAI has signed various MOUs with other countries that are helpful to aspirants wishing to travel abroad and acquire membership of those countries by getting lots of exemptions if one is a qualified CA.

Above mentioned highlights are some opportunities that a CA can choose from an ocean of jobs. To sum it up, we can say that there are endless opportunities for those that can think relentlessly. So, Sky is Limit once you're out into this world of Chartered Accountants.

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