How can a student make the best of those 3 hours while writing his/her paper?

Whenever we prepare for any exams, specifically for professional exams such as the CA / CS / CMA, several things run in our minds, especially when the exam day comes near, a lot of negative things linger in our minds. Due to all this ongoing marathon in our minds, we panic in the exam hall, and therefore, we do not utilize our precious time to the full to ensure success.

The first thing that aspirants need to do is stop panicking as 'The Day' comes and don't treat it as an uncanny day, nevertheless treat it as a regular day to retain sanity. Any unwanted pressure will leave a negative impact on the test. Therefore, the basic mantra for success is to treat 'Test days like normal days.'

Q- Do you know that no sleep before the examination can do wonders and not in a good way but in ways that can be a reason for your failure?

A- It happens with most of the students who worked hard for months for their exams, but, when the exams are around the corner, they mentally and physically exhaust themselves by being wide awake at night and, as a result, unable to perform to their full potential. So, one must take ample sleep as they regularly take before exams that will help them to keep their mind fresh and you'll not forget whatever

you have learned.

One week before the exams, candidates must revise the subjects, especially those topics, which are difficult for them. For this revision purpose, one must prepare bullet points, beforehand, because at the last moment it will be difficult to study from the books. So, bullet points are a must to save you from any last-minute trouble.

The candidates must never judge any subject/topic as vital or non-vital, and the reason behind, the courses which are present in the curriculum, will enhance their knowledge and prepare them to face the professional world. So, all the topics are necessary from a broader perspective. Also, professional exams can be very uncertain so, all subjects must be treated equally by making a proper plan or routine to reach the aim.

Some noteworthy fundamental points that candidates must follow to score decent marks.

No extra lines

  • Aspirants must understand that this is not a boards exam where they will draw unnecessary lines as the border of a page and after every sentence. It is a professional exam, everything must be done professionally, so there is no need for extra lines. So, save energy and time, it will be much needed.

Series of Questions

  • The most common mistake a student makes in tests is to answer questions in sequence. Most students write those answers first, that they know well, which is logically correct, though one needs to be careful in the professional exam, as many questions have parts and sub-parts. For instance, you are left with 5 or 6 questions, and you have to write 5 of those. So, you try to sequence the questions from easy to difficult, and you know part A of few questions and do not know part B, and you put part B to discern at last. So, it is a must that when you start writing answers, make sure you know all the parts before moving on to the next question.

No unnecessary writing

  • Do not write unnecessarily on any paper as it will not help you get more marks though marks may reduce because extra writing can consume your time when you can solve more questions. Never keep in mind to solve all the questions because you need to focus on writing quality content in the tests, not quantity.

Read thoroughly, analyze, plan, and execute

  • In all professional exams, candidates get some time to read the question paper. This time is very vital, and you should use it most effectively. Read all the questions carefully, analyze which question you will answer first, and give a time limit to questions by contemplating whether you can complete it within the time limit.  All this requires good planning and analysis skills that will come with practice. So, use your study time in understanding the concepts, and practicing as many questions as possible. Also, things may go wrong with one or two questions but keep calm and proceed to the next question without wasting any minute.

Above mentioned points are basic, but candidates tend to forget due to the pressure of the examination. So, keep these points in mind and believe in your hard work. You will succeed!

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