How to manage work and studies during Articleship?

Chartered Accountants are considered the most reputed and prominent position in India. The students of commerce stream aspire to become a Chartered Accountant. But, at the same time the course is considered very tough to qualify, which is not true as to become a CA students have to undergo three levels of exams, and training of three years called Articleship.

Pursuing an Articleship of 3 years is a mandatory part of the CA coursework. To enrol for Articleship, candidates need to clear either group 1 or both groups of Intermediate, that is, level 2. After completion of the Articleship, candidates have to appear for the last level of CA coursework, that is, CA Final.

Now the question comes, what is the importance of Articleship and why it is mandatory?

We are aware of the fact that theoretical and practical knowledge is different. Possessing only theoretical or practical knowledge cannot be considered perfect knowledge, especially in the world of CA. Both theoretical knowledge and its practical application go hand in hand. 

Articleship is mandatory to give CA aspirants a practical experience, and it will enhance the subject-based theoretical knowledge and its application. To become a Chartered Accountant, one needs to have hands-on practical experience that will give an edge to face the professional world. Also, the communication skills will develop as when candidates work in an environment, with a professional set up they will be well versed with the rules & regulations, technicalities, and knowhow of the work that needs to perform at the later stage.

As we know, while doing Articleship, candidates have to study too for CA Finals. So, sometimes it becomes difficult for the students to manage both hence, unable to qualify for the Finals. But students need to understand the keyword here is manage. If they'll come to the terms of the art of management by following some common and general tips mentioned below, they can achieve their goals in one go without any bother. 

  1. Always be ready with a plan.

Planning is the foremost thing that one must do to be successful, especially in today's fast-forward world. Before starting Articleship, you must prepare a plan or a schedule to study for CA Finals. Remember, an early start will lessen your burden during final preparation/revisions for the exam. In the initial days of the Articleship, it will be very tiring and hard to follow the routine but don't slack even for a single day because, after planning, the next step is to maintain consistency. 

  1. Consistency 

Consistency is the key to success. So, follow the plan/routine without any delay or excuses. After coming from a long and tiring training day, even the thought of studying can be scary, but don't let this thought drive your senses away and think rationally, like if there will be any gap in following the routine. It will be very difficult to fill the gap also it can hamper your schedule and studies for which you have worked very hard from starting.

  1. Save time and use it efficiently.

Here, saving time implies not wasting any extra minute on anything, that is, not relevant to your work or study. Nowadays, everyone has a time wastage tool in hand that is a cellphone. No matter wherever we go, we carry this tool with us. So, why not use it efficiently? Use it to study at times when it is not possible to take out books and copies, like when you are travelling or seating ideal. The next thing to keep in mind is to work honestly and efficiently in the office to save from working late hours as completing work early before the stipulated time limit means you'll be relieved early and can rest and study for extra hours.

  1. Don't leave anything for later.

Many students leave some subjects or topics to read at the time of examination leave. It is the biggest mistake as the syllabus of CA Finals is very vast, and this leave is to revise the subjects that have been complete beforehand. Some subjects/topics may remain untouched that can cause panic at the last moment, and it may leave you with disastrous effects on results. So, avoid it and complete the syllabus before time. 

  1. Relax your mind and body.

We are human beings, not machines so, our mind and body need rest. Working and studying continuously for long, tedious hours without any break can decrease efficiency and concentration at work and in studies. Take small breaks whenever possible as it reinvigorates your mind. Here breaks, don't mean to take out your cellphones and start scrolling social media sites, instead go out and spend some time with friends/family or perform activities you love. These will be an aid to relieve stress, and you will be able to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively and study with a new zeal.

  1. Take Articleship seriously

Nowadays, most of the students don't take Articleship seriously. Their central focus is attendance and does it for the sake of coursework. But they tend to forget that this practical training provides practical knowledge, and it will help them to understand the theoretical topics efficiently by doing self-study. For example, Audit, Direct Taxes, Accounts, Indirect Taxes, etc can be completed much effectively with the office work, plus it will save your time. Students who did not pay attention closely in the Articleship have less practical knowledge, and as a result, they lack perfect knowledge, hence get less salary or job options in the future comparatively.

The time of Articleship in the journey of becoming a CA is often called the golden period. This period helps to understand the work of a CA and what will be expectations of the job that candidates need to fulfil after becoming a CA. Also, Articleship teaches time management which is requisite in all spheres of life to work more efficiently and confidently to face any situation soon. All the best for your journey of victory!

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