How to prepare for Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning for the CSEET Exam?

The рrоfessiоn оf the Соmраny Seсretаries, рrоvides a sea оf орроrtunities to the aspirants. To be suitable according to the demands of the industries, candidates have to take initiatives to improve themselves соntinuоusly with the teсhniсаl, sоft аnd business skills that are neсessаry fоr this рrоfessiоn. The Institute of Companies Secretaries of India(ICSI) hаs struсtured this сurriсulum. Tо be а suссessful Cоmраny Seсretаry, candidates need tо initiаte it right frоm the entry-level of the CS course, that is, CSEET. So, it is essentiаl tо knоw аbоut how tо рreраre fоr СSEET, tо achieve the dream of becoming a CS. The fоllоwing роints lаy emрhаsis оn the рreраrаtiоn оf the СSEET Paper 2- Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning.

Understаnding оf the Paper

Fоr аny professional exam, candidates ought to know its details like syllabus, total marks, questions, paper pattern, etc. Cаndidаtes can check all the abovementioned details, below-

  1. Total marks- 50 Marks
  2. Total no of questions- 35
  3. No negative marking
  4. To pass this paper, candidates should score 40% marks in this paper.
  5. Part A:- Legal Aptitude (25 Marks)



    1. Indian Constitution


    • Citizenship

    • Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties

    • Directive Principles of State Policy

    • State under Constitution

    • President and Governors

    • Council of Ministers and Prime Minister

    • Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assembly, 

    • Legislative Council 

    • Supreme Court and High Courts

    • Landmark Amendment in Constitution

    • List of subjects-Centre, State and Concurrent

    2 Elements of 

    General Laws (Indian Contract 

    Act and Law of 


    A. Law of Contract

    Offer, Acceptance, Consideration and 

    Competency to Contract.


    Types of Contract: Void, Voidable, Unenforceable

    Performance of Contract

    Frustration of Contract

    Quasi Contract

    Breach of Contract and Remedies

    B. Law of Torts 

    Basics of Torts

    Specific Defenses

    Nuisance and Negligence

    Strict, Absolute and Vicarious Liability


    Malicious Prosecution

    3 Elements of 




    The Institute of Company Secretaries of India 

    Vision, Mission, Motto and Core Values of the Institute 

    Company Secretary under Company Secretaries Act, 


    Functions of Company Secretary under the Companies 

    Act, 2013 

    Role of Company Secretary in Employment

    Role of Company Secretary in Practice

    4 Elements of 

    Company Law

    Meaning and Nature of Company

    Types of Companies 

    Incorporation of a Company

    Types of capital

    Board of Directors (Concept, Appointment and Removal of Directors)

    Board Meetings & Shareholders Meetings

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Business Ethics

    Ethical Dilemma

    5 Legal Reasoning

    Legal Fundamentals and Terms 

    Legal Problems- Reading and understanding a case

    Legal Terminology and Maxims

    Legal Reasoning -

    (a) Reasoning by Analogy 

    (b) Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

    Questions of Fact (or factual issues) 

    Questions of Law (or legal issues)

    Landmark Judgments of Supreme Court and High Court

    Reading Comprehension

    Part B:- Logical Reasoning (25 Marks)

    6 Logical Reasoning


    Cause and Effect Reasoning


    Coding and Decoding

    Deriving Conclusion from Passages

    Drawing Inference

    Number Test

    Sequence and Series 

    Statement and Assumptions

    7 Verbal Reasoning

    Alphabet Test

    Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle


    Assertion and Reason

    Blood Relations

    Decision Making 

    Inserting Missing Characters

    Logical Sequence Test

    Logical Venn Diagram

    Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test


    Truth Tellers and Liars

    8 Non-Verbal 


    Analytical Reasoning


    Completion of Incomplete Pattern

    Figure Matrix

    Grouping of Identical Figures

    Mirror Image

    Rule Detection

    Numeric and Alphabet Series

    Q- What are the expectations in Legal Aptitude?

    A- The Legal Aptitude Section examines your legal thinking rather than legal knowledge. This Section is based on established legal proposals, current legal developments, legal facts, and legal principles.

    Q- What are the expectations in Logical Reasoning?

    A- Common sense is thinking that helps a person to re-examine the cause of the functionality of the event relationship or problem-solving. It is supported by the concept, as well as the judgment of the candidate. The purpose is to judge the candidate's ability to find the solution, problem-solving ability, and competence in terms of understanding and thinking. 

    Some tips for preparation of Paper 2-

    • Legal Aptitude - Identify the Legal Powers and apply the rules and regulations in the given questions. Apply those rules and regulations in various situations of truth.

    • Understand how changes in regulations or laws can improve their application in various forms of truth.

    • Logical Reasoning- Logic only confirms a valid conclusion. This conclusion may or may not be consistent with our general experience. But, questions based on the concept should be solved solely based on the information provided, without using their Reasoning. Therefore, the conclusion should follow the statements given in the question, and no deviation from it is allowed. 

    • Reasoning questions may come in many forms. You may ask to comment on a conclusion from the statements provided. Sometimes, you have to consider the statements repeatedly and decide between the given assumptions. You may need to weigh the pros and cons of some of the arguments presented in the statement. You may have to decide on the argument whether it is a strong one or a weak one.

    • So, the key to command in this chapter is to solve as many questions as possible. Practice will make you perfect.

    Reаding Mаteriаl

    Reading materials are elixir so, aspirants must read and understand it thоrоughly. Test papers, scanners, mock tests, etc provided by the Institute will help you to understand the pattern of the exam and ways to draft the answer.  

    Prepare a timetable

    To clear this paper, candidates must build a timeline according to their preferences. Organize all the topics and chapters promptly, and complete them in the allotted time. 

    Clarity of concept

    The ultimate goal of reading is clarity. We read many things in our day-to-day life but, we fail to memorize them. Have you ever wondered why? Because we are simply reading the content, but this is often not the way to appear for the CS examination. If you think that just cramming the topic will produce the same results as you expect in the tests, you need to stop immediately. It will be a waste of all your time. Instead, emphasize the conceptual clarity of each topic, and it will be easy to remember it. Make your summary notes with bullet points that will cover everything you read. 

    Self-study is the key.

    The key to success is preparation for future challenges through self-assessment. Doing self-study is the best thing, and giving at least 3 to 4 hours each day to prepare, summarize, read, and make brief notes is essential. Spend time on both practical and theoretical topics. Take notes during classes. Revise each idea and resolve as many questions as possible. Self-study takes time but increases your retention capacity. Doing self-study alongside the most convenient CS classes ProEdge Online Classes is a good choice for all CS Aspirants. 

    Avoid procrastination

    When it comes to studying at home or working from home, we all become so lazy that we begin to postpone it. But you all must understand that this is a critical time, and you get two options, either to pull up the socks and take the first advantage or to always think about what you can try to do. So, avoid distractions such as social media, TV, etc. Keep yourself hydrated and active, relax your mind. If you postpone it now, it will add to the pain. So start today and reap the fruits tomorrow.

    Every candidate has different strategies, with the common goal to pass the test and become a skilled professional. So, if candidates follow the abovementioned tips, it can bring them closer to their aim. Don't try to jump high but take small steps at a time. The more you are consistent and dedicated in your studies, the better prepared you are for the future.

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