Salary analysis of CA, CS and CMA

The commerce stream has enormous opportunities, so it's one among the foremost preferred streams amongst the scholars as per annum. The State Economic survey performed in the state of Maharashtra revealed that over 2.67 Lakhs students enrolled for in the year 2017-18. The number itself indicates the number of individuals trying for jobs is extremely high compared to the roles available in this field. The starting salary offered to the fresh pass-out graduates is relatively less as the median salary ranges between INR 13,000 to 16,000 monthly.

For professional courses like CA, CS, or CMA, the quantity of jobs is high thanks to the high demand for those professionals within the market. So, the salary offered to them is high ranging from INR 50,000-75,000 per month.

As we are cognizant of the facts that CA, CMA, and CS are the most effective qualifications in India due to in-depth knowledge of varied fields in Commerce and Finance which has Accounts, Tax, Company Law, Financial Management, Financial Markets, Audit, and Cost Accounting. As a result of this, CA, CS, and CMA are in huge demand in India and abroad.

What are the benefits of doing CA, CS, and CMA?

We often stumble upon this question persistently. Nevertheless, the solution remains the same that there are many advantages of pursuing CA, CS, or CMA:-

  • It is one of the highest qualifications for commerce not only in India but across the globe that makes these courses a Global Qualification.

  • These courses are relatively inexpensive and cheap to pursue with a spend within the range of INR 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakhs investment over the period of 3-5 years.

  • As the Indian economy continues to grow and the estimates show the demand for around 30 to 35 Lakhs CA, CS, and CMA in India. Against this, we currently have only 3.5 Lakhs CAs, 85000 CMAs, and around 50000 CS in India. As a result, CA, CS, and CMA have huge demand than supply within the market that ensures assured employment. (Data source ProEdge)

  • ICAI (Institute of Chartered of India), ICMAI (Institute of Cost Accountants of India), and ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) offer campus placements per annum to pass out students across multiple locations in India.

Apart from these advantages, one among the much-needed advantage in today's era of any profession are:-

  • High Salary: the starting salary of a CA, CS, and CMA is high and much better. On average:-

    • A newly passed out CA can get a starting salary of INR 60,000 a month and may go up to as high as INR 2 Lakhs per month that is way better than the other courses available.

    • A fresh CS and CMA get a median salary of around INR 45,000- INR 50,000 a month.

    • Another advantage is that the scholars don't must complete all 3 levels for getting employment. After completion of the 2nd level itself(CA Inter, CMA Inter, or CS Executive) the scholars get a certificate of a pass from Institutes, and that they are observed as semi-qualified - professionals.

    • The demand for semi qualified-professionals is increasing day by day and, such a student can expect to earn a salary of INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 monthly. If students complete the course, they'll get a  job 100% assured and, the minimum starting salary is INR 8 to 15 Lakhs just in case of CA, and INR 5 to 8 Lakhs in case of CS/CMA. 

(Data source: Proedge)

Let's try and see the salary trends of CA/CS/CMA in India within the following renowned firms/companies:-

The Big 4

  • The Big 4 itself defines the four biggest firm networks in it consists of E&Y, PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG. Most of the scholars dream to undergo their 3 years of articleship or training from any of the firms in the Big 4. These 4 firms hire a good number of freshers in every attempt. The average salary offer by these firms ranges from 6-8 Lakhs for freshers, and experienced candidates get around 20-25 Lakhs according to their skills.


  • Candidates wishing to begin their own practice join firms to achieve experience, and these firms give them correct exposure. The salary offered by these Firms generally ranges between 3-8 Lakhs.

Public Sector Undertakings

  • PSUs like BSNL, NGC, BHEL, GAIL hire much fresher CA/CS/CMAs. The starting salary offered by such companies ranges between Rs 7-15 Lakhs.

Multinational companies 

The high-paying companies in India are from FMCG (ITC around INR 14 lakhs, Pepsi around INR 10 lakhs, etc), E-commerce (Flipkart - INR 15 lakhs + ESOPs).


Outside India

  • For CA, the typical package outside India is around INR 20 Lakhs once a year for a fresher (mostly in the middle east and Singapore) and, this may go up to 60-70 Lakhs quickly if you're correctly placed.

After reading the above analysis, we can say that CA, CS, CMA fields have great opportunities with good pay. One needs to tap thereon but, opportunities and salary depend on many other variables like :

  • Your knowledge.

  • Your field of interest.

  • The opportunities you've got.

  • Your hard work and dedication to work.

All of those variables together help you to create a mark and reach the top!

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