Which is best- Online preparation v/s Offline coaching for CA preparation?

In today's fast-paced life, people in all professions, in all the countries, cities, and communities, everyone is trying to make progress in their career. All those who are excited to move forward are working hard day and night and need access to education and training 24*7 which is possible only on an online mode of education. The candidates interested in the commerce stream and are curious about learning more about the various disciplines in this area and want to become a Chartered Accountant should start preparing for it as soon as possible with a well-made plan.

However, amidst the Covid-19 situation, there are many challenges that candidates are facing. The main challenge is whether to select Online coaching or offline coaching to prepare for CA.

We know that preparation for the CA can be a bit long and complex process. Applicants must pass a 3 level approach, namely CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final to be considered a qualified Chartered Accountant. So a lot of rumours claim that offline coaching is the best option because the CA curriculum is a blend of the practical and the theoretical aspects. So, through this article, we'll try to shed light on this issue by pointing out various positive and negative aspects of both offline and online coaching.

● Location

Online coaching allows learning at any place and time. Candidates will be free from dealing with the commute and the heavy traffic and can learn from the comfort of their own homes. The entire educational world can be at their doorstep as long no matter where you live. Whereas in offline coaching, candidates have to go to school, or take part in workshops or classes, to complete the course. It can be time-consuming and tiring when stuck in traffic and has to travel over long distances.

● Comfort

Online learning provides comfort to learn at one's own pace, speed, and information accessible 24/7 as ProEdge Online Classes provide recordings of LIVE classes as many times as a candidate wants that is not possible in a physical classroom.  In offline learning, candidates have to learn at the teacher's pace. The time and schedules are fixed beforehand. So, one cannot reschedule it as per their wishes.

● Concentration

Online education is an opportunity to learn efficiently with attention and intelligence and in the comfort of their room. The online courses are free from unnecessary distractions, and students can complete them at their own pace. While offline learning, there are distractions due to various factors like outside noises, and this disruption leads to a reduction in concentration.

● Cost

Online learning is a smart contract. A minor impact on the overall cost and saves a lot of money. Offline coachings are overall an expensive affair with lots of students and fewer facilities.

● Teacher/student ratio

In online coaching, the relationship between the students and the faculty is 1:1, which gives a sense of personal connection with the teachers. At ProEdge, we encourage students to interact with the teachers thereby, giving a touch of the physical classroom. Whereas in offline coaching, the ratio of faculty to students is 1: 40, which results in not getting the children's attention.

● Clarity of the doubts

Many online coaching doesn't provide the facilities of LIVE interactive classes, or one cannot ask a question or doubt immediately. At ProEdge, we provide LIVE interactive sessions where students can ask their doubts as many times as they want and do in the offline classes.

● Missed Sessions

At online classes, candidates don't need to worry if they miss a class. They can clear the concept with a single click as students are provided with digital resources like class recordings, study materials, practice problems, and many more at ProEdge. Whereas in the offline study, once candidates skip the lectures and lessons, it can be difficult to understand that particular topic or chapter.

● Teaching Techniques

Online learning with interactive video lectures, assessments, e-books, etc helps to remain up-to-date thanks to the cleverly used new learning techniques. Offline learning, through handwritten notes, printed study materials that are not so durable, and there are high chances of losing it and repeated errors.

● Test results and analysis

With several emerging new techniques/app, online learning gives options to check the results and the progress immediately after completing the test. Unlike, offline classes it needs some time to view the results of the test.

There are many reasons to prefer online classes over offline, but the fact one can learn at their own pace and learning is not confined to a fixed structure, which is seen in most offline modes. Although a fixed schedule is not a bad thing sometimes, it feels a bit rigid. Today there are a lot of options available for the preparation of CA on the internet. One doesn't need to spend much time finding the best classes. The candidates need to be a bit careful while selecting suitable online coaching for them. They must give preference to institutes that has consistent good performance, experienced and trained teachers with live interactive sessions, doubt clarification classes, provides study materials topic-wise, regular tests, etc.

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